Federal Allies News July 2012

Federal Allies Institute’s Summer Plans

Federal Allies is a relatively new national small business and federal contractors association of humble beginnings at Fort Myer, Virginia in 2008.  With hard work and perseverance our small business network now deals with most agencies of the federal government and military.

Within this arena for our business members we train, make agency introductions, collaborate and save money on back office operations.

And in collaboration with federal agencies and on Capitol Hill, we help meet federal small business goals, strive for regulatory flexibility, and when we need to, we convene Congressional meetings of importance to entrepreneurs.

Federal Allies is an ideal, inexpensive if not at times free platform for you to establish new business ties and to learn how to succeed in the federal contracting community.

Plus we have formal alliances with U.S. Small Business Administration and other organizations.

And finally, we are an entrepreneurs’ organization that seeks more members and business and agency leaders for our Board of Directors. Specifically, we seek representation in every state.

This summer Federal Allies reinstitutes a series of networking events within Metropolitan Washington DC to convene federal contractors of all levels of business maturity and from all parts of the country.

While many are consumed with summer reading lists and planning family vacations, a significant portion are also focused on the dawn of Sequestration, Simpson-Bowles, and Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act and the prescient balancing act of commercial and federal business.

With 40% of what our federal government spends actually borrowed, the U.S. is on a wrong economic course and the need to renew institutional arrangements is at hand.  Federal Allies Institute was born practically on day one of the world’s worst economic decline in any of our lifetimes, so the well-being of this nation and the present state of the economy are not lost on our American business owner members.

We appreciate our new sponsors American Airlines, Dell and zipcar that help make the lives of our members more affordable, more capable and environmentally sound.

Federal Allies Institute this fall will offer seminars on Proposals 101 and Business Development.  A big topic for small business is how to weather the upcoming uncertainty in federal contracting.  For those of you that cannot make it to Washington this Summer, I invite you to tune in on September 6, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT for a webinar presented by Defense Daily featuring Federal Allies Institute’s Gary Shumaker.  For more information, see www.FederalAllies.org and  www.DefenseDaily.com.

David T. Boddie

Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute

Article courtesy of Federal Allies News published by Management Concepts Press.

Vol. 1 No. 4

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