Federal Allies News September 2012

September 1, 2012

Federal Allies Institute Board Election 2012

The Federal Allies Institute will expand its Board of Directors this fall adding representation from more states across America.

The board election process is posted at FederalAllies.org within the association bylaws.  These board terms to begin January 1, 2013 will range from one to four years.  All Federal Allies Institute members in good-standing can be included on the election ballot.

Beyond policy responsibilities, board members participate in leadership roles throughout the full-range of the Federal Allies Institute program.

FAI committees include Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Strategic Planning, Advisory, Membership, Government Relations, Communications, Federal Allies Network, Certification, and Security.  FAI task forces include Washington Days Conference, FAI Open Golf Tournament, and Washington DC Metro Expo.

FAI culture encourages all to voice opinions and ideas on programs and services that FAI should offer to the federal procurement community.  FAI strives to involve the entire federal procurement community.  Leadership positions are awarded to those who bring the ideas.

In the months ahead FAI looks forward to hosting activities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, as well as Missouri and Indiana, in addition to the Metro Washington, D.C. area.

For more information about Federal Allies Institute and the Board of Directors readers are encouraged to contact Board@FederalAllies.org or call (571) 217-0823.

Prospective members are encouraged to contact Membership@FederalAllies.org or call (571) 217-0823.

David T. Boddie

Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute