Federal Allies News January 2014

Happy New Year to Federal Allies Institute members everywhere! Welcome 2014 Federal Allies Institute Board of Directors!

2014 Board of Directors Orientations

Training for all board members is to occur January 21 and 29 in the Metro Washington D.C. area at KLSL Consulting and City Club of Washington.  All board members, committee and task force leadership are provided volunteer “job” descriptions to fulfill.  For all board members this includes commitment to a year round fundraising drive on behalf of the Federal Allies Institute that is led by the Chairman of the Board.  Access to the orientations by conference call is available.  The board meetings are open to the public.  Orientation lunches are sponsored by Eurasia Center.

Welcome New Members

Welcome new members SINTEL Group, eBITS Corporation, From Car To Finish, Col. Herbert H. Kamm, HRD, Inc., Distinctive Homecare, Inc., SupreTech, Inc., NeoSystems Corporation, and Dimensional Concepts, LLC.

Government Relations

Federal Allies Institute’s Government Relations Committee receives input from the membership year round.  The following is a bill suggested by Lynn Petrazzuolo, President & CEO, Avanti Corporation, which is under consideration for support by the FAI Board of Directors at the March 2014 meeting.

HR 2452 – Women’s Procurement Program Equalization Act of 2013


Amends the Small Business Act with respect to the procurement program for women-owned small businesses (providing a federal procurement contracting preference to such businesses) to condition a government contracting officer’s authority to restrict competition for any such federal contract upon the Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) certifying each of the businesses as a small business concern owned and controlled by women. (Currently, the small business concerns themselves certify to the contracting officer that they are such a business according to SBA standards.)

Allows a contracting officer to award a sole source contract to any economically disadvantaged women-owned small business if: (1) the small business is determined to be responsible and the contracting officer does not expect two or more of such businesses to submit offers; (2) the anticipated contract price will not exceed $6.5 million in the case of a manufacturing contract, or $4 million in the case of all other contracts; and (3) the contract can be made at a fair and reasonable price. Provides identical contracting authority for women-owned small businesses in substantially underrepresented industries.

Expands the reporting requirements with respect to small business procurement contracts to require federal agencies to submit annual reports to the Administrator regarding such sole source contracts as well as the industries within which various contracts were awarded.

If you have legislation for Federal Allies to support, please send them to Government Relations Committee Chair Ralph E. Winnie, Jr. at GovRels@FederalAllies.org.

David T. Boddie, Executive Director

Federal Allies Institute

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