David T. Boddie Completes Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center’s Battlestaff Bootcamp

The Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P) Battlestaff Bootcamp for Senior Election Officials.

David T. Boddie was selected for full-scholarship by Belfer Center to participate and represent Oklahoma among hundreds of county election secretaries and state election secretaries from 24 other states.

Developed by Belfer Center, D3P is committed to aiding election officials in protecting the core of American Democracy–the election process. After three years of training, outreach, and research, D3P remains humbled by the complexity and enormity of the challenges faced by election teams.

Battlestaff Bootcamp is a one day training event that teaches how to turn election staffs into a versatile, operational task force prepared to manage and mitigate the spectrum of crises faced, from the digital to the physical.

D3P offers a different perspective on operational management while still operating within resourcing constraints. Drawing upon the best practices from the military and private sector, the bootcamp combines instruction with hands-on training simulations. Applicable to both state and county level election leaders, Battlestaff Bootcamp emphasizes how critical integration and coordination are to defending the election process.

D3P was co-sponsored by Harvard University and Microsoft Corporation. Public segments were recorded for Home Box Office broadcast. The AP was Media Sponsor.

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