David T. Boddie Earns Elections Registration / Administration Certification, CERA from National Association of Election Officials (Election Center) and Auburn University

August 17, 2020

August 24, 2020  Contact: Tim Mattice 281-396-4309


David T. Boddie, Elections Official for Tulsa County Election Board in Oklahoma is designated as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA) the nation’s highest professional achievement for election officials.

CERA designation is achieved only through a multi-year course of study taught by the Auburn University’s Master in Public Administration (MPA) faculty, Auburn, Alabama and conducted by the Election Center’s Professional Education Program. The intent of the program is to professionalize the management of voter registration and elections administration in promoting and preserving public trust in the democratic process.  Similarly, CERV status is designation for election company vendors.

“This is the highest designation available to elections and voter registration officials,” said Tim Mattice, director of the Center. This graduating class of 60 election professionals from over 30 states and territories totals over 1,000 election officials and election vendors who have achieved the CERA/CERV status.  This is an outstanding accomplishment.”

“Tulsa County is indeed fortunate to have David T. Boddie as one of the top designated professionals in America.  Boddie is currently the only active elections official in Oklahoma to have attained CERA status. Obtaining and maintaining CERA status means that he has committed to a career long process of continuing education to improve the electoral process in Oklahoma and the nation,” Mattice stated.

The Professional Education Program is sponsored by the Election Center, a non-profit association of voter registrars and elections administrators throughout America and the U.S Territories.  Its membership is comprised of township, city, county and state elections officials and other election related organizations.  The Center’s primary purpose is to promote and support continuous improvement in the administration of elections and voter registration through research, professional education, conferences, networking and consulting. Professional Education Program participants receive continuing education credit from Auburn University as well as professional training credits from the Election Center.

Boddie worked as an election official in Detroit Michigan, Fairfax County Virginia and most recently Tulsa County.  Previously he served as Deputy White House Liaison for the Republican National Committee.  For the RNC Marshals Program Boddie managed GOTV campaigns in Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio. And worked on campaigns of 30 states.  Boddie founded Federal Allies Institute at Fort Myer, Virginia in January 2008.  Boddie worked for four chambers of commerce in three states including the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce where he established a 2,800 company Small Business Council and Co-Chaired the 1986 Oklahoma White House Conference on Small Business.  Boddie is also a graduate of OSU and George Washington University.

Graduation Class of 2020

David T. Boddie Completes Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center’s Battlestaff Bootcamp

December 17, 2019

The Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P) Battlestaff Bootcamp for Senior Election Officials.

David T. Boddie was selected for full-scholarship by Belfer Center to participate and represent Oklahoma among hundreds of county election secretaries and state election secretaries from 24 other states.

Developed by Belfer Center, D3P is committed to aiding election officials in protecting the core of American Democracy–the election process. After three years of training, outreach, and research, D3P remains humbled by the complexity and enormity of the challenges faced by election teams.

Battlestaff Bootcamp is a one day training event that teaches how to turn election staffs into a versatile, operational task force prepared to manage and mitigate the spectrum of crises faced, from the digital to the physical.

D3P offers a different perspective on operational management while still operating within resourcing constraints. Drawing upon the best practices from the military and private sector, the bootcamp combines instruction with hands-on training simulations. Applicable to both state and county level election leaders, Battlestaff Bootcamp emphasizes how critical integration and coordination are to defending the election process.

D3P was co-sponsored by Harvard University and Microsoft Corporation. Public segments were recorded for Home Box Office broadcast. The AP was Media Sponsor.