Federal Allies News October 2012

October 1, 2012

Feedback from Members

The Federal Allies Network conversation remains very active. Among the subjects currently discussed: more small business opportunities, proposal writing, teaming, less regulations in the federal pipeline, access to capital, back office operations, providing unique security solutions for this nation including mobile, social and cloud, and establishing FAI Chapters.  Inherently governmental—is it affordable, sustainable and actually the government’s job?  More topics include strategic sourcing, expanding the federal debt limit later this year in contrast to Simpson-Bowles and, finally, what will 2013 look like?

Annual FAI Membership Survey

More in-depth feedback will be learned with the issuance of the FAI Annual Membership Survey in mid-November following the presidential election. It is important that all members complete the survey because all FAI programs and activities are based on your feedback. This will include business development, federal procurement training, Federal Allies Network, and policy programs and actions to occur in Washington, DC and in your home town. And if you prefer not to wait until November, please send an email right now to Feedback@FederalAllies.org.

Mentor-Protégé Seminar

FAI will convene a seminar in early December to review the 12 Federal Mentor-Protégé programs and explain their value. This will be a great opportunity to figure out if Mentor-Protégé is for you. And barring the distractions of sequestration, fiscal and regulatory cliffs, and the Mayan Calendar, we hope you will participate and prosper from this FAI seminar planned for Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Board of Directors Election

Board of Directors nominations are being sought to expand the board. These new terms will begin January 1, 2013. More information is available at FederalAllies.org.

Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial is being planned down the road from the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Washington, D.C. Just as the presidency of General Grant experienced a favorable resurgence in the eyes of historians decades later, a similar resurgence is occurring for Ike’s presidency. The last President to be born in the 19th Century and the first to launch rockets into space and to use satellite intelligence, Ike was born in former Congressman Sam Rayburn’s district in Texas. On behalf of Federal Allies, I had the opportunity September 18, 2012 to meet with Brig. Gen. Carl W. Reddel, USAF (Ret.), Executive Director of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission, and September 22 with David and Julie Eisenhower.  Federal Contractors should read or watch on YouTube Ike’s “Military-Industrial Complex” speech from January 17, 1961.

Ike also championed the Interstate Highway System, a huge infrastructure program that led to tens of thousands of small business jobs. In comparison, the $787 billion economic stimulus TARP funds intended for infrastructure work didn’t fare so well, partly due to fungible funds where many state constitutions enabled the funds to be siphoned off into a wide variety of unrelated and underfunded state accounts.

At future FAI Washington Days Conferences entrepreneurs will march by both the Eisenhower and Grant memorials on their way to Capitol Hill and to the Sam Rayburn House Office Building.

David T. Boddie

Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute