Federal Allies News October 2013

October 11, 2013

Letter from the Executive Director

Fort Meade, Maryland is Growing Tremendously. 

With tight budgets and collaboration common issues among many governments worldwide, the U.S.A. sequester has left the surge in Cyber Command and Cyber Domain at Fort Meade including National Security Agency alone.  The size and strategic importance and scope and complexity of Fort Meade’s 54,000 military and civilian employees, 116 tenant organizations, post-BRAC includes 16 major construction projects counting NSA as a single project.

Bound for Maryland is between $900 million (U.S. House) and $1 billion (U.S. Senate) in military construction according to U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, Md., Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Construction is the fifth largest employment segment in the Maryland economy.

At the recent Air Force Association conference, “We are experiencing a short term fiscal crush,” said, Gen. Mike Hostage, Commander, Air Combat Command, U.S. Air Force who seeks a 5th generation fleet of 1,763.  With reduction in budgets worldwide, collaboration among allies is more and more necessary.  Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force Chief of Staff, says that we must “Hug them a little closer”.

Federal Allies institute

Growing a partnering culture with agencies and industry includes a membership at Federal Allies Institute.  Opportunity for collaboration can be found among our members.   Developing a relationship at the time of bidding on a contract with someone you have never met before is not possible.  You can’t surge trust.  Trust has to be built over time.  Trust and capabilities sharing partnerships can be developed at FAI.  And this includes preparation, hard work, and learning from failure, training, and education to make you fully capable.


Congratulations to Brandon LaBonte and Michael Matechak of Ardent Management Consulting, Inc. (ArdentMC) and Pan America Computers, Inc. (PCITec) joint venture Ardent Eagle, JV, LLC, recipient of the prime contract number HSHQDC-13-D-E2042.

In This Edition

We welcome the first article by a FAI Chapter Chair, of Texas.  Interviewed is Gary Lindner of PeopleFund.

Ralph E. Winnie, Jr. begins a series on health care and the Affordable Care Act just as Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports the highest CEO turnover of health care executives during the third quarter.  The series promises to be informative and useful to small business.

Emerging Leadership

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to welcome new members: SBC Global, Front Rowe, Inc., SINTEL Group, Inc., and Distinctive Health Care.

As we celebrate our first five years and a growing membership, FAI Membership Committee Chairperson Patricia Driscoll plans additional meetings, receptions, and even golf outings to identify new members and members who seek volunteer leadership roles at FAI including positions on the Federal Allies Institute Board of Directors.

Prior to 2014 a member of the FAI Board may have been called upon to perform in a wide variety of capacities including policy, working, and advisory.  Beginning January 1, 2014 the board will concern itself only with policy decisions and will meet in January, March, September, and December.

As the original strategist, founder and now Executive Director of what was once a small cadre of early believers, it is a privilege for me to now be able to involve more members in a process so vital to FAI’s future.   The following have been enlisted to review candidates to lead the 2014 Federal Allies Institute Board of Directors: 2013 FAI Board Chair Frank Clay, Jr., FAI Board Chair Emeritus Mary Fae Kamm, strategic planning committee members Raymond F. Goodrich, Michael Matechak, and the Executive Director.

Nominations for 2014 Chairman of the Board, Federal Allies Institute

Following an extensive meeting at Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center, National Harbor, Maryland nominations are sought for 2014 Chairman of the Board.

Membership Elections to Expand the Federal Allies Institute Board of Directors November 4, 2013

The 10 day membership voting process is to begin November 4, 2013 and end November 13, 2013.  All member firms in good standing will each be asked to complete and return an election ballot.  The ballot will include space for write-in candidates.

David T. Boddie, Executive Director

Federal Allies News April 2013

April 1, 2013

The March 27-28 Region 6 Roundtable produced by Mid America Industry Government Coalition in collaboration with Federal Allies Institute Oklahoma Chapter was an informative, successful and fully-subscribed event.  With FAI’s input the Roundtable set into motion a grassroots gathering of comments on Mentor Protégé to be followed up upon at Federal Allies Institute’s Washington Days Conference May 6-7, 2013 in Washington, D.C.  The beneficiaries of our collective comments are the U.S. Small Business Administration and other areas of the Federal government.  Regulators will accept the comments, consider and respond to them before making final decisions.


As the readership of Federal Allies News knows, the National Defense Authorization Act contains many small business issues, including Mentor Protégé that the Federal Allies Institute has tracked and promoted dating from the 111th Congress unto today.


We note the government’s move online has not produced a fundamental shift in the nature of notice-and-comment rulemaking. A decade into e-Rulemaking, and four years since the Open Government Memorandum – that promised to incorporate rulemaking within a Social Media setting – it has not achieved the gains in efficiency and democratic legitimacy that were anticipated.  It is simply not used to any great extent, but we certainly appreciate the effort and look forward to the day that e-Rulemaking may be the norm.  For now our engaged and informed members still use the traditional methods of notice-and-comment.


As you attend Washington Days Conference to find your next contract and to establish new relationships, should you have comments for rulemaking we encourage you to voice your comments at Washington Days in person.


David T. Boddie

Executive Director

Register for Washington Days Conference, May 6-7, 2013

April 1, 2013

By Ralph E. Winnie, Jr.

As a national non-profit dedicated to small business and federal acquisition best practices, Federal Allies Institute is proud to host its annual Washington Days Conference from May 6th-7th, 2013 in the heart of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Federal Allies recognizes that business development and relationship building go hand in hand, especially for small and medium size enterprises.  Washington Days Conference is your opportunity to develop and maintain close personal relationships with DoD, the Agencies and Congress.

On May 6th we will focus on the Business Development opportunities important to you, plus will provide registrants with a tool kit to effectively understand and navigate current and pending changes to Mentor Protégé programs resulting from the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2013.  If you would like a plain English explanation about Mentor Protégé, from this nation’s top experts, then attend Washington Days Conference on May 6.  We’ve got it covered.

A wide spectrum of people from diverse socio and economic backgrounds help to shape the conference agenda to ensure the event highlights their business sectors and objectives.   The results?  “Many discussions will be tailor-made, one-on-one education planned, and match-making sessions where informal question and answer sessions will explain the intricacies of federal contracting,” said David T. Boddie, Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute.

On May 7th Federal Allies extends those relationship building opportunities to Capitol Hill to your members of Congress and their staffs and to relevant committees of both Senate and House that impact how you do business.

On May 7th Federal Allies once again “marches” on Capitol Hill and carries with it banners for continuous improvement to Mentor Protégé and the many other small business issues Federal Allies is known to represent and champion such as Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act.  This is an excellent opportunity for all involved, and for those who would like to learn how to conduct your own pro-business Congressional Office Visits, to walk with us and underscore the year round work accomplished by FAI’s highly effective Government Relations Program.   Previous advocacy work on the Hill and with the Agencies, represent our calling card, and is the foundation on which we can offer you opportunity to advance your legislative and rulemaking agenda.  FAI’s relationship building plan for freshmen Senators and House representatives of the 113th Congress is best voiced by U.S. Representative Markwayne Mullin (OK-2).  “Thank you for all the work that you do. As a businessman myself, I know the difficulties businesses are faced with over regulation from the state and federal government. I hope that you enjoy your time in Washington and look forward to seeing you,” said Congressman Markwayne Mullin, (OK -2).

That said, the goal is for every registrant to come away from Washington Days Conference 2013 with a keener perspective of the inter-relationship between government and business and with a foundation for growth and business development in this challenging economy.

Federal Allies will actively encourage all registrants at Washington Days Conference 2013 to
establish and build personal and professional relationships to ensure your success in the future.  If you have not already done so, register now to attend Washington Days Conference 2013 by visiting FederalAllies.org.  Should you have any questions, please call (571) 217-0823.

Pentagram: DC Metro Expo at Fort Myer

June 18, 2009

Business Conference Held At Spates

By Michael Norris, Pentagram Assistant Editor

The second annual Washington, D.C. Metro Expo, a forum for small companies hoping to do business with the federal government, was held at Spates Community Club Wednesday.

David T. Boddie of Federal Allies Institute, the sponsor of the event, said 350 to 400 attendees signed up for the forum, with participants coming from 16 different states.

The expo had a convention-like atmosphere as 37 companies who already do work for the government, as well as government agencies, set up tables in Spates and interacted with companies hoping to find government work.

Technology-oriented companies specializing in construction, communications, contaminated waste disposal and security were readily visible at the expo, but so were some unexpected entities. Landsdowne, a resort eight miles west of Dulles Airport in Virginia was there marketing its facility as a place for organizational retreats and troop vacation packages, and a salsa company that does business at Fort Belvoir and Quantico was looking to further expand distribution of its product.

Even the non-profit USO Metro was there, looking for volunteers and soliciting sponsorship for its programs which benefit uniformed personnel.

‘‘It’s kind of like speed dating for government contractors,” said Boddie. ‘‘It’s a matter of streamlining and outsourcing the federal government to the widest extent possible.”

In addition to the casual networking in the ballroom, participants could also sign up for one-on-one sessions with local government contracting offices, such as the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies, seeking specifics in terms of bidding, contract requirements, eligibility, certifications and other issues.

There were also presentations on ‘‘Small Business Strategic Planning,” ‘‘Construction and BRAC,” and ‘‘Prime and Subcontractor Relationships” held throughout the day in rooms adjacent the ballroom.

‘‘If you want to see what’s out there, click on contracting opportunities,” Stacy Copeland of the Fort Myer Contracting Office told audience members in a breakaway session, supplementing a power point presentation on opportunities in the Army. ‘‘If you know that something’s on Fort Myer, click on Fort Myer and it’ll open up.”

Wesley Stith of Clark Construction, co-led the session on Contracting and BRAC. While the Base Realignment and Closure act has meant the loss of jobs for some, he said it can be an opportunity for others. Stith said companies have to be agile to quickly adapt to changing economic circumstances.

‘‘We’re in a new world,” he said. ‘‘Who would have believed that GM would be where it is today? People can’t keep doing the same old thing that worked before.”

Kenneth Mitchell, director of contracting for the Fort Myer Military Community, said the conference included participation by the Internal Revenue Service, the Air Force and other organizations, which provided budding entrepreneurs with a wide breadth of information. He said it also afforded an opportunity for Fort Myer contracting officials to meet face-to-face with their counterparts in other agencies.

‘‘It was a whopping success,” Mitchell said. ‘‘We had twice as many people as last year.” He said Fort Myer served as the unofficial host of the event.

Looking around at the buzz of activity, Boddie said, ‘‘We’re bringing the economy back right here at Fort Myer.”

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