Federal Allies News November 2012

November 1, 2012

How to Sequester the Fiscal Cliff

Across-the-board federal budget cuts and tax increases required by Sequestration start January 2, 2013, the day before the 113th U.S. Congress convenes, unless the President and 112th U.S. Congress agree to $1.2 trillion in budget cuts, revenue increases, or amend The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

On Capitol Hill, the House of Representatives has passed plans that would reduce entitlement spending and reduce the federal civilian workforce through attrition, and the Senate has failed to pass a plan.

The White House plans to veto any measure that does not increase revenues.

Federal agencies plan to reduce the scope and quantities of contracts, to slow the work, reduce new contract awards, extensions and options, and to renegotiate downward rather than immediately terminate any contracts.

Contractors are focused on agency reductions and recoveries. Funding already obligated on your federal contracts should not be affected.

Federal Allies maintains a vigilant watch on Sequestration and on a wide range of other business development, legislative, and regulatory flexibility issues affecting the federal contractor community. We invite comment from our business, agency, and Capitol Hill colleagues as we do our part to shape the collective future.

The world of federal government contracting can seem daunting. And the value of having a guide to walk you through the process, a ready-made network in Washington, D.C. and introductions to establish personal relationships, is priceless, now more than ever.  If you are not already active with the Federal Allies Network, get involved! We look forward to building programs around your needs, both business development and policy.

After the November 6 election, Congress returns for a week to decide how the deficit is pushed back or how a down payment on the debt will be made. How will Treasury respond? Join us as Federal Allies visits Congressional offices to say good-bye to many and casts our collaborative culture and nature upon newly-elected officials. We hit the ground running on November 7. If you would like to go with us to meet the 113th U.S. Congress, call (571) 217-0823.

How to Succeed in Federal Contracting through U.S. Government Mentor-Protégé Programs

On December 12, 2012 at Tysons Corner, Virginia, Federal Allies Institute offers a 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. seminar with Q & A to review and value 12 federal agency mentor protégé programs, which should prove a great one-stop opportunity on the subject. Visit FederalAllies.org for more information and to register.

Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics is a subject of growing concern in federal acquisition. Contracting officials are increasingly looking at adverse actions against companies that commit unethical acts, including disbarment from future federal acquisition activities and criminal penalties. Because of this, corporate ethics is becoming something that evaluators look at during the acquisition process. How can they tell if a company practices ethical business activities, especially a small business without a long track record? Federal Allies plans to offer a solution in 2013.

Chapter Establishment

Federal Allies Institute, a private-sector self-sustaining association, continues to capture the interest of small business groups and economic development authorities from around the country. We welcome the opportunities to meet in Washington, D.C. with delegations flying in from Austin and Tulsa and welcome the recent interest from Los Angeles. We are available to make introductory presentations in your home town, so feel free to send Federal Allies an invite.

David T. Boddie, Executive Director

Federal Allies Institute

Federal Allies News June 2012

June 4, 2012

Washington Days Conference Recap

Federal Allies Institute recently convened a federal contracting conference of many of the nation’s best entrepreneurs, primes, subcontractors, associations and federal agencies.  They discussed federal contracts, established relationships, best practices, and ways to spend less on back office operations.

Keynote speakers Dr. Winslow Sargeant, Chief Counsel for Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration; Kevin Boshears, Director, OSDBU, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and Ludmilla Parnell, Director of Business Development, Small Business Partnerships, General Dynamics Information Technology worked diligently well beyond their Q&A sessions to help America’s Small Business Community at the Federal Allies Institute conference.

General Electric Company’s proactive offer to host the Monday night Washington Days Reception was yet another generous endorsement of GE for FAI and the Federal Allies Network.  We appreciate the exemplary assistance of many of the participating agencies and exemplary federal employees such as Daisy Matthews, US AID; Marie A. Wright, IRS; Rocky Newton and Cynthia Adonoo, National Park Service; and Claudia Barrera, MBDA Federal Procurement Center; Kristi Wilson and Melanie Carter, US Department of Education; Barbara B. Mitchell and Richard Pihl, National Science Foundation, and Kenneth L. Mitchell, MICC, Fort Belvoir whose hard work and dedication to small business helped enable the establishment of Federal Allies Institute.

Washington Days Conference is unique and compelling because it is more about establishing relationships with new colleagues and learning from successful federal contractors than it is about simply being introduced to federal agencies.  All occurs at the conference, but Federal Allies Institute’s mission to help all small businesses succeed at federal contracting, regardless of their levels of maturity, was on display, as too was the effective reach of the Federal Allies Network across America to find and recruit new businesses to become federal contractors thereby helping federal agencies to meet goals for inclusion of small business and diversity in federal contracts.

All conference registrants receive annual memberships in Federal Allies Institute and an opportunity to utilize the Federal Allies Network for one year following the conference.  No matter where they are located…  Anchorage Alaska, Junction City Kansas, East Syracuse New York, Princeton New Jersey or Waynesville North Carolina, the Federal Allies Institute pledge is to stay with them long-term after the conference in order to help them succeed in federal government contracting.

The two-day conference also includes important meetings on Capitol Hill with U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Committee Staff and other senior personnel to advocate for pro small business legislation.   We wish to thank U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (Ks);  U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (Ks);  U.S. Rep. Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly (Va);  U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry (Ne);  U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (Mo), U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II (Mo); David H. Hallock, Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff / Legislative Director, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (Va);  Barbara Kasoff, President & CEO and Co-Founder, Women Impacting Public Policy, San Francisco, Ca; Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group, Inc., and Director, Government Relations, WIPP;  Bob Hesser and Joe Wynn, board members, VET-Force;  Andy Gibbs, President, Veterans Business Institute, Palms Springs, Ca; Emily Murphy, Senior Counsel, House Committee on Small Business;  Alisa Wolking, Legislative Correspondent, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (NY);  and Faye Powers, Legislative Assistant/Scheduler Roscoe G. Bartlett (Md), and 105.9 FM WMAL 630 AM.

On behalf of Federal Allies Institute I wish to recognize and commend the FAI Washington Days Planning Committee: FAI Board Chair Frank Clay, Jr., FAI Vice-Chairs Raymond F. Goodrich and Michael Matechak and leadership support provided by Gary Shumaker (May 14) and Ralph E. Winnie, Jr. (May 15); Wayne M. Gatewood, Jr. USMC-Ret. , and Rick Cutrera of American Airlines.  Additionally, Daniel R. Caffoe, Kevin Hailstock, Todd Myer, Cynthia Richardson, Alex Saidii, Patricia Driscoll, Andrea Gagne,  Mary Cowell,  Jared Stearns, and Lee Dougherty.

Congratulations to scholarship recipients Colleen LaTray, Loretta S. Hickman, and LaFarris Risby.  We trust this conference made a difference for you!

We look forward to working with all participants.

David T. Boddie

Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute

Vol. 1 No. 3

Federal Allies News May 2012

May 1, 2012

You Need an Ally When It Comes To Doing Business with the Government


The federal government is an exciting market place to do business.  And yet there is so much to absorb and digest when your customer is the federal government.  Having an ally – a successful federal contractor – someone you trust and respect to help you with this task is critical and always a good idea.

“You have to be informed by the right people,” said Frank Clay, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Federal Allies Institute and President, The ClayGroup (SDVOSB) of Olathe, Kansas.

“By establishing relationships with one or more federal allies, a business owner can be networked into the right environment to receive valuable information about how to do business.

“Even more, an ally can be an advocate for your business.  They can make you aware of future opportunities and share proven strategies that can mean greater profits for your business,” said Clay.

“New entrants can team with federal allies on opportunities to build past performance and to build history for future prime work,” said Michael Matechak, Vice Chairman, Federal Allies Institute and Vice President, ArdentMC of Herndon, Virginia.

“Existing contractors are always looking for real allies providing complementary capabilities to cross sell to existing customers therefore expanding both businesses,” said Matechak.

“Meeting government leaders and officials within the various federal agencies to understand their requirements for future procurements will make all the difference to your business.  Small business owners have to invest in being connected to the right resources,” said Clay.

Twenty-six life sciences firms can attest.  All registrants of a FAI conference requested by U.S. Small Business Administration and all a successful recipient of one or more federal grants of $244,000.  This just begins to tell the FAI success story.

Knowing the legislation and regulations that impact your business is essential.

“For example, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) owners need to be aware of emerging legislation affecting their business. Having an ally to help you understand the varying realities of the Public Laws, Executive Orders, CVE Certification and Recertification can be a major benefit to a Veteran business owner when making an important decision for their company’s future.  At FAI, there are so many resources to assist a Veteran who wants to be successful, said Clay.

“We support The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act, H.R. 3167 VET Act of 2011 to allow Veterans to elect to use, with the approval of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, certain financial educational assistance to establish and operate certain business, and for other purposes. We believe this will be an excellent way to create more Veteran businesses and jobs,” said Clay.

Federal Allies Institute is the well-respected independent federal procurement voice collaborating among business and the agencies.  “No matter what type of business you need the right people around you. When you have them, the opportunities are endless and the rewards are significant,” said Clay.

Get ready for an exciting and dynamic two days in Washington, DC.  Attend Washington Days Conference in Washington, DC on May 14 and 15, 2012.  The event is a draw for small business owners and agencies alike.

Enable opportunities for your business and staff to make valuable connections with entrepreneurs, agencies, and members of Congress and their senior staff.  And as these new introductions grow into valuable collaborations over the next few months the Federal Allies Institute will be there for you to answer your questions and to help you navigate the federal market place.

Ralph E. Winnie Jr., JD LL.M

General Counsel & Contributing Editor, Federal Allies Institute

Vol. 1 No. 2

FAI Founder / U.S. SBA Chairman

May 8, 2008